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About Us

The idea to begin a business making covers for the EZ-Pass and I-Pass (and the California FasTrak in 2019) occurred to me when I lived in San Francisco.  I had to go over the Bay Bridge daily and had to get the FasTrak to pay the toll automatically.  The FasTrak is twice the size of the older square EZ-Pass.  

 While this is impressive technology, the devises themselves, which are required to be attached to the windshield just below the rear-view mirror, are very unsightly.  What I-Pass Solutions does is make the transponder resemble the dashboard of the car it's used in.  In this way, the transponder now becomes a much more natural component of the car and isn't so awkward in appearance.  To this end, we even address the different types of dashboard color and grain appearances from the different car manufacturers.   

Are our materials leather from the manufacturer?

No, our product material is PU material.  Leather materials were deemed too unreliable and too time consuming to care for due to the thinness of the material covering the cases.  During the manufacturing process, we remove a very significant amount of the backing of the material that would affect the hydration of the material over time.

In 1980 the US Government began to get involved with the paint process used by auto makers, namely the volatile organic compounds (VOC) content of the petroleum based paints and solvents being used in genuine leather products. The allowable emission limits of VOC were subjected to dramatic cutbacks.

In order to comply with these regulations the finishes now used for US, Asian and European automotive leather upholstery have a water-based pigmented finish to produce a uniform colour and are protected with a urethane covering. Modern automotive leather upholstery is classified as finished leather, which means that the surface has a urethane covering that cannot absorb wax, lanolin or oil-based 'conditioners'.  Therefore the hydrating agent/cleaner must be water-based and not contain oils and/or waxes.  Leather is very dynamic with respect to its moisture content; the leather hides needs to be kept supple.The purpose of rehydration is to restore moisture lost through evaporation, so whatever the surface finish, it has to allow the movement of moisture back and forth (evaporation and hydration). So the use of water- based cleaners and protectors would have to be used to maintain hydration, which is essential to keeping it in pristine condition.

We are located at 12021 Wilshire Blvd., #368, West Los Angeles, CA 90025.  We can also be reached by email at info@mypasscover.com.