Finally,  a cover for your EZ-Pass and I-Pass that matches your dashboard. You can enjoy the convenience of toll road transponders without that unsightly plastic box on your windshield.  These high quality vinyl covers are a natural extension of your vehicle’s dashboard.  All of our covers attach to the transponder via two leather straps connected by Velcro hook and loop systems.

Please note, any and all pictures of our cases on a car dashboard are only for illustration purposes to convey the likeness of our covers to the different car manufacturers' dashboards and are not a suggestion, implicit or otherwise, that you can disregard the instructions of the tolling agency that the transponder not be attached to the windshield.

Don't see your car model listed?

If you don't see your car manufacturer here, we will eventually get around to carrying it but are doing more research on the material.  It would be helpful to gauge the demand so if you are interested in something we don't currently support and would like to express your interest, please feel free to email us at Some car manufacturers use a few different styles of dashboard material. In case you don't see your specific dashboard when viewing our products,  you are welcome to browse "Our Materials" page for a cover that closely resembles your dashboard’s unique appearance. Our high-quality vinyl transponder covers are identical or in some models, nearly identical to the vehicle’s dashboard.