Our Materials

Please use this page to compare our materials to your dashboard or on possible alternatives to your dashboard grain finishes.  Oddly enough, some manufacturers have used very different materials in some of their cars.

This page has examples of both the Basic (the higher grain pattern) and Nappa (the smoother) material where it is applicable.

Please be aware that these are hyper resolution pictures of these manufacturers dashboards and that the color may be off due to the lighting. 

Please email us if you would like to be notified when this is available at info@mypasscovers.com.



Alfa Romeo 

Aston Martin




Audi uses two different grain materials for their dashboards.  One is the Basic (high grain pattern) and the other is the Nappa (smooth grain pattern).  The Nappa material is typically used on the R-8 and TT models.  The Basic grain pattern is used on all other models.

Audi Basic

Audi Nappa



Bentley uses a Nappa (smooth grain material) for their dashboards.  While they use a few different colors but their primary colors are their Beluga (Black) and Saddle.

Bentley Beluga (Black)

Bentley Nappa Saddle



BMW uses two different grain patterns.  Their Basic pattern is their most prevalent while their Nappa pattern is used in their higher end cars.

BMW Basic

BMW Nappa

This is the Nappa or smooth grain finish that is used customarily in their higher end models. 



Cadillac has a few different styles and we only support their premium Nappa Style at the moment.  



Chevrolet uses two different types of material.  They use a smooth Nappa material for the Corvette and a Basic material for all other models.  

Chevrolet Basic

Chevrolet Corvette







Ferrari uses a Nappa (smooth grain pattern) on all of their models.  While all of their dashboards are Nero (Black), as an interesting contrast to their trim and seats, we are also offering cases in Ferrari Beige and Cuoio.

Ferrari Cuoio

Ferrari Nero (Black) Nappa

Ferrari Beige




This is in stock and available for sale.  We don't have the Platinum Package that Ford is offering though.






Hyundai uses two dashboard materials, Basic pattern and a Nappa pattern.  The Nappa pattern is used on the Equus, Genesis and Avena models.

Hyundai Basic

Hyundai Nappa




Lamborghini uses a Nappa (smooth grain pattern).  While the dashboards are a Nero (Black), as an offset to Lamborghini's trim, we also offer a Lamborghini Cuoio Olympus. 

Nero (Black) Nappa

Lamborghini Cuoio Olympus Nappa



Land Rover

Land Rover uses a few different types of material for their dashboard.  This is the Nappa material they use on some of their vehicles.  



Lexus has a few different dashboard materials.  This is one of them.  Please check your dashboard for this material carefully.  This is in stock and available for sale.



Maserati uses a Nero (Black) Nappa material for it's dashboards.  As an interesting offset to the car's trim, we also offer the cover in Maserati Cuoio and Beige.

Maserati Nero (Black)


Maserati Cuoio

Maserati Nero Beige



Black Nappa


Rolls-Royce uses a few different colors to their Nappa dashboard material.  The most common are the Black and Saddle finishes. 

Rolls-Royce Black Nappa

Rolls-Royce Saddle Nappa